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The Ground-Breaker from RTP Outdoors is a 3-in-1 food plot implement. It has a set of adjustable cutting discs on the front followed by a seed hopper that spreads any seed from corn to clover with an industry leading calibration system that has unequaled accuracy and simplification. This is followed by a culti-pack roller, which smooths out the soil and gives you a good seed to soil contact. Obviously this isn't a Genesis No-Till, but if you prefer to turn the soil or if you don't want plant in rows this is your machine. It would be perfect for clover, brassicas, native grasses, cover crops and more. The Ground-Breaker is available in a 3' model with an optional tow kit for UTV's,  a 6' three point model, and a 9' three point model.





GROUND-BREAKER Calibration Manual


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