The world's #1 portable round boat

The Ultimate Portable Round Boat.  

The Ultraskiff 360 is the first, original and only patented design of a round boat for fishing, hunting and pleasure boating. 

The Ultraskiff 360 is extremely lightweight at 123lbs but has a weight capacity of 460lbs.  The boat measures 6 feet in diameter and just under 20 inches deep and it's compact design allows versatility in transport options.  


The Ultraskiff 360 comes fully assembled with the hull, cleats, hinges, doors, latches, transom covers and detachable pedestal mount.  It also comes with a set of magnet mounts.  The boat also comes with a title (MCO), instruction manual and the SS hardware for attaching a pedestal base to your pedestal mount.  


Ultraskiff believes how you outfit the boat (especially the seat) goes a long way in defining your experience in the boat.  Therefore, Ultraskiff does not outfit the boat with any of the following, a pedestal chair system (base, post, seat mount and chair), battery or motor.  In this way, as the user, you will be able to customize the boat to your seating specifications and motor variety.  


There are hundreds of options on the market regarding pedestals of varying heights, bases of shape and sales, big chairs, small chairs, butt seats, casting stools, salt & freshwater motors, variable thrust motors, non variable motors, trailers, cargo carriers, batteries of countless sizes/capacities, paddles, oars, anchor pins and the list goes on.