The enticing taste and scent of apples has been a trusted attractant by hunters for years, but they aren’t always available and they can start to rot in the field. Que the Braggin Rights® Apple! Made with real apple pieces, you need to smell this attractant to believe it for yourself. Pull in bucks, pattern them to your area, hold them on your hunting grounds, and offer a deer attractant that is also good for their health!  Our entire line of Braggin Rights® attractants include Ani-Shield TX4® Technology, built for overall health.  Essential oils, probiotics, vitamins, and chelated minerals all make up this unique attractant, unlike anything else on the market!




  • Powerful apple attractant for whitetail deer
  • Ani-Shield TX4® Technology designed to support immunity and health in whitetail deer
  • Great trail camera attractant for early season deer scouting
  • Can be used alone or mixed with corn for a deer feed supplement
  • Lure and hold deer for a successful hunting season
  • Easy to carry handle


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