Attraction that doesn’t break the rules!!


Ani-X® Scent Attractant is a revolutionary NON-FOOD, NON-DEER URINE attractant that smells exactly like Ani-Logics™ deer feed, but isn’t. Ani-X® will change the way you hunt forever! The convenient, easy-to-use, 1-pound single use packs put the power of Invisi-Scent® Technology right in your hands. Perfect for use during the hunting season in front of your tree stand or deer blind. The discreet disappearing scent dust creates an “Invisible X Marks the Spot” and deer follow their noses down the unseen scent trail looking for food, but all they find is you…


  • Powerful Aroma
  • Legal (in most states)
  • Fast and Effective


SKU: 70400